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Forest Trees


Here at the Wandering Footprint we believe in transparency.


We are a humanitarian project meant to be cocreated and so as our membership evolves, so too will our plans and allocation of funds. 


The following is a break down of the current (2022) plan for allocation of funds and projects intended to be supported out of these funds. 


Join our crew to be more involved! 


OM coin
0.00001 XLM

PRICE as of DEC 2022
XLM = 0.10 CAD

Russian Rouble

OM coin is currently in pre-sale 

 - as an alternative to a conventional presale we have placed a certain amount of tokens for sale at a certain price up until 0.001 XLM. 

At 0.001 members will vote on how many of the remaining tokens should be placed on sale within a liquidity pool. 

Our current intention is to have 60% of the funds raised from presale placed in that liquidity pool. (this will all be confirmed within the core creators group, join our crew!)

The remaining 40% of funds will be divided into 5 main categories. 

1. Reinvestment back into current projects (40%)

2. Investment into new projects (30%)

3. Giving - to help trafficking victims (10%)

4. Property/precious metal investment (10%)

5. Archer Estates (10%)

This will likely change as we expand. 


OM coin are attached to Stellar Lumens. The Wandering Footprint wallet gains XLM for the sale of the OM coin. As stellar is adopted more, the price of XLM will rise along with the price of OM coins. The amount of XLM in the Wandering Footprint wallet will have a direct corellation to how much we are able to help our members out when the financial shift happens. 

XLM is currently 0.10CAD. 

An 8$ investment now has the potential of helping us exponentially in the up coming few years. 

We hope to get our OM coins into the hands of the humanitarians so as we succeed those who have believed in the vision and bought OM coins at fractions of a penny are the ones that are able to prosper and build out their own dreams. 

We believe we rise together and we hope the OM coin is one of the tools that will help us get there!

Amanda Jones-Archer

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