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Optimystic Prime's Time Line 

They decided January 2018 - something had to change. They found her, Optimystic Prime in February 2018, In March James asked Amanda to marry him. On Victoria Day, May 2018 Amanda and James tied the knot in the forest at the Warsaw Caves in Ontario. They set out with their 2 year old, Delilah Petrichor and 5 month old Sterling Frost- their 2 dogs, Tinsel (19yo) and Arrow (9yo) across Canada - destination Vancouver Island. with complete acceptance that if the bus broke down they would have to stay where ever that happened. Aug 2018 they arrived on Vancouver Island. They made it!


Amanda got her life long dream of living here, and having her family meet her biological father. 

They spent August 2018 traveling the island ending up in Woss in Northern Vancouver Island for 2 weeks and then spending 2 months at Aloha Farm on Salt Spring. 

After bumping up against the rules regarding living in motorhomes on farm land, they ended up back on Vancouver Island and officially got married in Victoria on the 5th anniversary of their first date, with their kids, dogs and 2 new friends as witnesses, next to their beautiful bus, Optimystic Prime. 

In February 2019, while parked and working at a tree nursery they found out they were pregnant with Jameson Moon. With the need to make sure Amanda and Jameson had proper care they had to decide to commit to BC. They were able to find a beautiful indigenous family on the Tsarlip reservation that welcomed them to share their land. Amanda worked all summer as a waitress and tour guide for wineries and breweries and by July 2019 they had health care coverage.

They were able to acquire BC residency and Jameson Moon was born at the Victoria Hospital in Sept 2019. 

Her tale isnt over, Optimystic Prime. She needs a $1300 repair job to get her certified in BC. For now she is parked, always getting up grades. She inspires everyday.

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