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We believe that serendipity and inspiration point our path. 

The Wandering Footprint - Wandering hOMe Directory is the culmination of so many facets and chapters of our lives.

It's the proof life is magic.

Inspired by the journey of setting off into the mystic, destination Vancouver Island, and our history with vendor shows  we hope to bring patrons a unique space to get inspired and support those following their true passions. 

We have a dream of having a safe space for us wanderers to build roots, have community and also have the freedom to explore the world, knowing there is a safe and familiar place to return to.  

What we have come to see living this life is there is a housing crisis but for those who have chosen alternative solutions, there is no legal place for them to be.

There is still no zoning in place to allow mobile and stationary tiny homes to park/be on land that can then be used agriculturally and for the collective to build their unique vision. We hope to establish ourselves as an Private Members Association (PMA) in the next year and create a fund that would help shift perspective in allowing for more grassroots communities without penalizing those in smaller and mobile homes. 

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the organizations that support trafficking victims. 

This is a passion project. I've always been looking for a way to crystallize all the things I have learned, all my experiences and do something that can make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. By supporting this project, you support me, my family and the vision of Optimystic Prime.

Stepping into greatness by getting back to our nature...and the wild. 

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