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OM Token


Our collective token on the stellar blockchain is called the Optimystic (OM) coin. You can purchase OM by setting up a trustline. 




Thank you to all who participated in the rising Pheonix OM coin bonus and bought OM coin. 


Survey heart and Google Forms has removed our questionniare for air drops and thus we are cancelling this initiaive for now until we have a better system set up.

Memberships will be partially able to be purchased using OM tokens in the future.

Wandering Footprint offers no guarantees that you will be able to sell your tokens for profit in the future.

By purchasing OM tokens you are providing the necessary funds needed to expand the vision of the Wandering Footprint organization. 

Our goal is to have the token be able to be used in the web 3.0 (blockchain) version of the Wandering hOMe Directory and its XSpectarverse partner project the Blue Umbrella Tree House. 

 OM tokens are given at rank promotions and as bonuses when you volunteer your time to helping us build the Wandering Footprint Wandering hOMe Directory

Our vision is that the OM token will eventually be able to be traded among  members, pay for stays and work trade over time, be used for content as an alternative to pop up advertisements for members, and eventually be able to provide us with the ability to support land purchase with a hope of snchoring the asset to the Wandering Footprint farms built by the Wandering Footprint. 

This is an exercise in what it means to RISE TOGETHER and we are thrilled for you to be part of this adventure in to the opti-MYSTIC. 

This project is a learning iniative, should the XOM token have a better foundation we will offer an exchange on the OM for the XOM, however as of now the XOM is not for sale until its details are finalized. 

OM coin
how to purchase
Black Sky



Step 1: Download Lobstr from the app store

Step 2: Create an account

Make sure to save your security information and recovery phrase in at least 2 secure places -if you lose this you will not be able to retrieve your wallet

(inside lobstr - go to menu - settings -wallet - and click SECRET KEY, this is a 56 character alpha-numeric code that gives you complete access to your wallet on the stellar blockchain. Be sure to write this down too and keep it in a safe and secure location for your wallet's security, remember you are the only one between you and your wallet, there is no intermediary bank or institution that can help you recover your wallet or its contents if this information is compromised. )

Your Federation address is like an email/user name -  to send and receive funds - it is outward facing and cannot be changed so choose wisely

To activate your account you must have a minimum of 1 stellar lumen (XLM) in the account and 0.5 XLM/trustline in addition to funds to purchase assets this can be transferred in from an exchange or purchased on LOBSTR. 

If you need help with this please join our telegram channel

Step 3: Create a trust line with OM coin on LOBSTR

You must have a minimum of 2 XLM (stellar lumens) in your account to create the trustline

1. Go to main menu (top left hand corner 3 lines)


2. Click assets


3. Click plus sign - top right corner


4. Put in search bar


5. Find Optimystic Coin - OM (


6. Click "add"



to verify go to assets and it should be listed in your assests

While you are at it create a trust line to FOOTPRINTS token too!

(these cannot be purchased only earned)


Step 4: write down your addresses

1. Go to Main menu




4. Copy STELLAR address

3. Copy FEDERATION address


please join the telegram channel

for guidance on how to purchase 

OM tokens on LOBSTR (a stellar exchange and wallet)

Golden Dust


JULY 20, 2021

AUGUST, 2021

AUGUST 2021 - MARCH 2022

MARCH 2022

Creation of the OM coin

Initial Developer dissapears

Attempts made to figure out how to save the OM 

Finding Communities exploring Lobstr and Stellar we were able to comprehend orderbooks better and cancelled all sale orders thus allowing the move of all the OM coins to a new distributor wallet and a relisting. 

MAY 2022

MAY 2022 - DECEMBER 2023

NOVEMBER 11, 2023


Creation of Questionnaire for OM coin air drops

Phoenix Rising OM coin Bonus

Creation of XOM on XRPL

Listed 8,888,888,888 OM at 0.0001 XLM

Black Sky

We are so excited to welcome you on our journey 


Autonomy. Sovereignty. Choice.

support local. grow GLOBAL. RISE TOGETHER.


This is a first draft of our whitepaper and is subject to change

White Paper: OM (Optimystic Coin) for the Wandering Footprint Ecosystem

OM (Optimystic Coin) serves as the proof of concept for a utility token to be used within the Wandering Footprint ecosystem, embodying a collective vision of a life inspired. This white paper outlines OM's role in a future internal marketplace of the Wandering hOMe Directory, emphasizing the community's commitment to fostering dreams, innovation, and creativity. Additionally, a visionary 5-year plan integrates OM into a digital marketplace connected to the Wandering Footprint metaverse game, and real world communities, farms, trades people, tiny home adventurers etc.  providing a virtual avenue for exploration and collaboration. The document also details the distribution history of OM, highlighting the challenges faced by the founder, Amanda Jones, in preserving the token's integrity. It further acknowledges that the distribution price stands at 0.0001 XLM and introduces the possibility of burning a portion of the original 88,888,888,888 tokens as the project evolves. The Phoenix Rising Bonus, an interval-based distribution, played a crucial role, and as of January 2, 2024, all sale orders were canceled, with 8,888,888,888 OM coins placed for sale at 0.0001 XLM.

1. Introduction:
OM stands as a beacon within the Wandering Footprint ecosystem, promoting a decentralized internal Marketplace that thrives on community engagement and shared values.

2. Tokenomics:
- Token Name: OM (Optimystic Coin)
- Total Supply: Fixed at 88,888,888,888 for scarcity and stability
- Distribution: Initiated through public sale in July 2021, with pricing adjustments for stability, currently standing at 0.0001 XLM
- Utility: Facilitates internal commerce, exchangeable externally

3. Distribution History:
- Public Sale: Launched in July 2021 at an initial rate of 0.5 XLM based on the coder's suggestion.
- Crisis Response: With the disappearance of the original coder, founder Amanda Jones took charge to safeguard the token's integrity.
- Wallet Migration: To prevent compromise, all funds were transferred to another wallet, necessitating creative solutions for ongoing distribution.
-Issuer wallet power adjustment - In order to keep the possibility of modifying the token without giving power to the potential issues with safety keys being compromised through the disappearance of the original developer, the weight on power on the issuer account was reduced to 1 and the weight on power was shifted to the Distributor wallet and a WF crew member. 
- Order Fulfillment: Fulfillment of order book orders at 0.0000006 XLM, opening opportunities for anyone, especially community members to acquire OM at favorable rates.
- Phoenix Rising Bonus: Intervals introduced as a bonus for early believers, reinforcing the commitment to rewarding the community.
- Price Adjustment: As of January 2, 2024, all sale orders were canceled, and 8,888,888,888 OM coins were placed for sale at 0.0001 XLM, ensuring transparency and fairness in distribution.
- Rewarding Early Believers: Sale orders were strategically placed at intervals up to 0.0001 XLM, aiming to reward early supporters and build a proper liquidity pool.

4. Wandering Footprint Ecosystem:
- Internal Marketplace: OM fosters seamless commerce, supporting passion projects, farmers, builders, and more under the blue umbrella of truth. ** check out the Blue Umbrella Token ($BUT) project for more info. 
- Vision and Conviction: The community envisions creating an environment that supports dreams, innovation, and creativity, striving for collective success.

5. 5-Year Vision:
- Metaverse Integration: OM will be integrated into a digital marketplace within the Wandering Footprint metaverse game on Xspectarverse

- As of March 2023 the vision is the 'Blue Umbrella Tree House' in the XSpectarverse, 'the way out', 'where the grass really is greener.
- Virtual Exploration:

-Blue Umbrella Tree House

- Virtual integration of the Wandering hOMe Directory

- Exposure to unique knowledge - cymatics, resonance, sacred geometry etc

- Background music from community including specifically music on proper resonance frequency

- Workshops by community members hosted in the Blue Umbrella Tree house

- Dance party by community DJs at least 1x/week

- access to the full Wandering Footprint survivalist game where:

 - Gamers can build virtual school buses, vans, tiny homes, boats, RVs, and trucks, using real items and blueprints from community members.

- Gamers can create their dream property with creative ingenuity while using plans and blue prints and buildings by community members, purchased on micropayments - thus creating the vision in the digital world to encourage real world movement in that direction.

- Gamers have access to passive tutoring on the basics of survival, homesteading, healing

- Connection to real world farms and what is going on at these farms (ie. workshops, projects)

- Integrated creator platform for sharing of knowledge set up on a micropayment structure

- Access to Healing practitioners with integrity, including access in real time to mental health healing modalities. 

- Real-world Impact: Sales of digital items contribute to the creators, affiliates, and a secret wallet for gamers to realize their dream homes, inspiring a connection to the Wandering Footprint vision. We anticipate by creating virtual tiny homes and virtual farms using real world products we will inspire real world purchasing of these products so Gamers can get out of the Metaverse and live a life of adventure and passion. 

6. OM Symbolism:
- Buddhist Connection: OM, holds significance in Buddhism as the primal vibration representing the universe's essence, the first sound God created. 
- Creator's Inspiration: Chosen from a kettle at the Warsaw caves in Ontario, Canada, in October 2013 where the creator experienced a profound connection to the universe, Mother Earth, and God, placing an order for peace, Christ consciousness, and Heaven on Earth.
       Universal Order:
                   Ordering from the Universe: The concept that the universe/God responds to our desires once we articulate                         our wishes, reflecting the creator's order for peace and a harmonious existence. By encouraging imagination                     through the digital platform the mind has a place to build hope and heal from past trauma, being in action                           towards are more fulfilling life. 
       Connection to Nature:

                    Rooted in the profound experience of coming home to the wild and the universal connection experienced at                        Warsaw caves the OM represents the balance in all areas. Digital ecosystems are not inherently against                                nature and the wild, in contrast, innovation is arguably one of the reasons people are able to explore remote                      places and exposing them to the wild. Balance. the OM represents balance and adventure. 

8. Future Considerations:
- Price Update: The current distribution price stands at 0.0001 XLM.
- Token Burning: As the project evolves and gains access to more technology and resources, a portion of the original 88,888,888,888 tokens may be considered for burning. This strategic move aims to enhance scarcity and sustainability, aligning with the long-term vision of the Wandering Footprint community.

- The Issuer account is still available and can be closed thus closing the door on any future changes. 

                     - why the account isnt closed - consideration for nefarious players and our ability to claw back - this is an important feature to adequately consider in this domain by the community. 


10 year vision

   The OM is an integral utility token in the Wandering Footprint ecosystem, being used as a barter instrument for our community members and their payment tech. The OM is being used to trade for all goods and services offered in the Wandering Footprint communities as well as in the digital realm thus cross polinating real effort to digital experience. The OM represents a community of like minded truthers of all walks of life, histories, cultures, religions who share the common truth that true divinity/source energy/God is love and that God works through the people to help co-create Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth is here. 


XOM - its creation was the result of finding out that X represented international, the desire to recreate the OM on the XRPL for whatever could be created by doing that early on in the project. We haven't figured out how to bridge the 2, whether OM will find its niche inside the Wandering Footprint ecosystem or whether we will offer an exchange between the OM and the XOM. This is what co-creation looks like. 

OM transcends mere utility tokenization; it is the embodiment of a shared vision, connecting the Wandering Footprint communities in their pursuit of dreams and a harmonious existence. With a fixed total supply of 88,888,888,888, OM ensures scarcity and stability, serving as a cornerstone for the collective journey toward heaven on Earth. The distribution history reflects the resilience and adaptability of the community in overcoming challenges, ensuring OM's continued role as a symbol of unity and a representation of the Wandering Footprint vision where autonomy, sovereignty and choice are tantamount to all oppressive forces. As OM evolves into the digital realm and integrates with the metaverse game, it becomes a bridge between the mystic and reality, inspiring individuals to explore, create, and contribute to the collective vision of a flourishing community. The consideration of token burning and the introduction of the Phoenix Rising Bonus further underscore the commitment to long-term sustainability and growth.


OM Whitepaper


Footprints Token

Earnable on Stellar with purchase of membership

Rewards and Loyalty points
Qualify for Footprint tokens for your participation in helping build our infrastructure  for the Wandering Footprint  and Wandering hOMe Directory when you join our crew. 
More ways to earn FOOTPRINTS tokens coming soon.
Join our mailing list to keep updated. 



There is nothing more important than imagination.

Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

Purchasing XLM
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