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YAWAY token

a gratitude token built on Stellar ledger

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YAWAY token

Giving token built on Stellar ledger


July 7, 2023

Total supply:


NETWORK: Stellar (XLM) Ledger




This page is currently a living document and will be updated as we finalize our tokenomics

Nothing on this page is financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only


The Yaway Token ($YAWAY) is another optimystic token in the Wandering Footprint digital ecosystem, built on the Stellar Ledger. Designed with the hope of being able to help and support a the larger community. 


Created  on July 7, 2023, the 7.7.7 portal it was created with the hope of the creation of heaven on earth through difference blockchain projects. The YAWAY is still at its creation phase and we continue to debate how it will be used inside the Wandering Footprint ecosystem. 

Without promising financial gains, $YAWAY aims to reward kindness and generosity paving the way to potential community liquidity pool that could serve the WF community in times of need. 
This is not financial advice the YAWAY has no value -  for entertainment purposes only. 

White Paper 

The following is  a first draft of the $YAWAY white paper and it is subject to revision and change. We are building this as a co-creation and an ever evolving project as we learn more about the capabilities of the Stellar blockchain and thus this white paper is currently a living document (as of March 28, 2024)

Title: Yaway token, - A token of gratitude, generosity, kindness and appreciation. This is the Way.


The YAWAY Token, inspired by the light of Yahweh, seeks to embody the principles of kindness, compassion, and love within the Wandering Footprint ecosystem. This white paper outlines the core principles, use cases, and potential impact of the YAWAY Token on the Stellar blockchain. Rooted in the desire to foster Christ consciousness and contribute to the realization of heaven on Earth, the YAWAY Token is designed to be earned exclusively through rewards and reflects the values of Yahweh particularly generosity and gratitude.


1. Token Overview:
- Token Name: YAWAY Token
- Blockchain: Stellar
- Total Supply: 777,777,777,777
- Token Acquisition: Earned through rewards, not available for sale.

2. Purpose and Vision:
The YAWAY Token is a digital manifestation of the desire to follow in the footsteps of Yahweh, fostering Christ consciousness, kindness, compassion, and love within the Wandering Footprint vision of heaven on Earth. Through its integration with various community-driven initiatives, the token aims to be a beacon of positive engagement and spiritual growth.

3. Potential Token Utility within the Wandering Footprint Ecosystem:

Earning YAWAY Tokens: Users can exclusively earn YAWAY Tokens through rewards, encouraging acts of kindness, compassion, and positive contributions within the community.

Redemption for Goods and Services: YAWAY Tokens may be chosen to be used to redeem rewards and gifts within the Wandering Footprint ecosystem from a diverse array of products, services, and experiences created by our community members.

 Exclusive Offers: Participating vendors may offer exclusive deals and discounts when YAWAY Tokens are utilized for transactions.

4. Community Impact and Aid:

- Charitable Contributions: YAWAY Tokens can be directed towards participating charities and causes aligned with the values of Yahweh, amplifying community support for impactful initiatives.-

Community Aid Fund: A portion of YAWAY Token transactions could contribute to a community aid fund, offering assistance in areas such as disaster relief, education, and sustainable development.

5. Rewards and Recognition:
- Community Recognition: Users accumulating notable amounts of YAWAY Tokens may receive special recognition within the Wandering Footprint community.
- Badge System: A badge system could be implemented, acknowledging individuals for their positive contributions, active engagement, and community support. 

6. Sustainable Practices:
- Fair Trade: Vendors within the ecosystem could prioritize and promote eco-friendly and sustainable products created with the principals of fair trade where the creator of the product is not undermined in profits at the expense of the final vendor. Users opting for such products may receive additional YAWAY Token incentives.
- Polution offset: YAWAY Tokens could contribute to reduction in waste and clean up projects, aligning with the Wandering Footprint commitment to stewardship of the land..

7. Collaborative Projects:
- Token Grants for Initiatives: YAWAY Tokens could be allocated as grants for community-driven projects and initiatives that align with the values of Yahweh and contribute to the well-being and sustainability of the Wandering Footprint ecosystem, land stewardship and accessibility initiatives for those part of our community that don't have adequate finances to build a tiny hOMe.
- Partnerships with Local Businesses: Encourage partnerships between local businesses and the community by enabling YAWAY Token transactions, fostering ecosystem growth, collaboration and kindness.

8. Educational Programs:
- Token-Based Learning: YAWAY Tokens could grant access to educational programs and workshops within the Wandering Footprint community, promoting continuous learning and skill development.
- Support for Educational Initiatives: A portion of YAWAY Token transactions could contribute to educational initiatives, providing scholarships or resources for community members.


winged heart - inspired by a winged heart necklace given to Amanda from a friend on Tik tok Thunderbird Renee. 

Heart with Eternal flame - representation of Jesus and Yahweh

Winged Heart on Fire - the image of an inspired heart reaching the greatest heights of ones yearning and divine purpose, as close as one can get to God in human form. 

Violet/Blue flame: the violet blue flame represents the crown chakra and the burning of the illusion of lies, cleansed through the fire of present moment and connection to the divine fire that connects us to Dia/God/Allah/Source/Universe/One story = One song

Blue lotus: Representation of enlightenment and the end of the Karmic wheel. Buddhist imagery of the opening of the third eye, the pineal gland and our connection to Divinity through Christ Consciousness. 

OM Metatron: Representation that our dreams of heaven on Earth are possible out of the emptiness and darkness of the lived experience. That our wildness IS our connection to divinity and our highest timeline. 

Connection to Blue Umbrella project - an upside down lotus looks alot like a blue umbrella (we hope to design a blue umbrella with this image)

The YAWAY Token, rooted in the ethos of Yahweh being the Way. It is a testament to the Wandering Footprint's commitment to positivity, collaboration, and ethical community building. As a non-sale token earned exclusively through rewards in the Wandering Footprint ecosystem, YAWAY Tokens have the potential to elevate community engagement, recognize positive contributions, and create a vibrant ecosystem where all members feel welcomed and valued. We hope to honour the hope of a collective christ consciousness arising on Earth ushering in the Golden age. 

What are possible ways to distribute YAWAY tokens for kindness?

Allocating YAWAY Tokens for acts of kindness within the Wandering Footprint ecosystem can be a transformative way to recognize and encourage positive behavior. Here's a potential approach:

1. Community Recognition System:
  - Establish a system where community members can submit stories or instances of kindness they've witnessed or experienced within the Wandering Footprint community.

2. Token Allocation Committee:
  - Form a committee responsible for reviewing submissions and determining the allocation of YAWAY Tokens for each act of kindness. This committee could consist of community leaders, moderators, or individuals known for their commitment to the values of Yahweh.

3. Token Criteria:
  - Define clear criteria for what constitutes an act of kindness. This could include helping a fellow community member, contributing to a community project, or displaying empathy and compassion in interactions.

4. Transparent Process:
  - Ensure transparency in the process by announcing the selected acts of kindness and the corresponding YAWAY Token rewards through community channels. This could include newsletters, community forums, or dedicated sections on the Wandering Footprint website.

5. Nomination System:
  - Implement a nomination system where community members can nominate each other for acts of kindness. Nominations should include a brief description of the kind act and its impact on the community.

6. Regular Recognition Events:
  - Host regular events or ceremonies to publicly recognize individuals who have demonstrated exceptional kindness. During these events, announce the allocation of YAWAY Tokens and share the stories behind each act.

7. Community Engagement:
  - Encourage community members to actively engage in the recognition process by submitting nominations and participating in discussions about the importance of kindness within the community.

8. Varied Acts of Kindness:
  - Acknowledge a variety of acts of kindness, from small gestures to significant contributions. This ensures that the community recognizes and values kindness in all its forms.

9. Community Voting:
  - Consider implementing a community voting system where members have the opportunity to vote on the most impactful acts of kindness. This adds a democratic element to the process.

10. YAWAY Token Wallet Integration:
   - Integrate a YAWAY Token wallet system where community members can view their earned tokens for acts of kindness. This adds a tangible and visible aspect to the recognition process.

11. Public Acknowledgment:
   - Celebrate acts of kindness not only within the community but also through public acknowledgment, such as social media posts, to inspire positivity beyond the Wandering Footprint ecosystem.

By incorporating these elements, the allocation of YAWAY Tokens for acts of kindness becomes a transparent, inclusive, and community-driven process that aligns with the values of Yahweh and contributes to the overall positive atmosphere within the Wandering Footprint vision.

What are possible ways to use YAWAY tokens as rewards?

Rewards Token for Purchases:
  - Token Integration with Optimystic Market: Enable YAWAY Tokens as a form of payment within the Optimystic Market. Users can choose to use their earned tokens to purchase products, merch, or services available in the marketplace.

   - Exclusive Deals and Discounts: Encourage participating vendors in the Optimystic Market to offer exclusive deals and discounts for users who choose to pay with YAWAY Tokens. This creates an additional incentive for community members to use their tokens.

   - Earned Tokens on Purchases: Consider implementing a system where users earn additional YAWAY Tokens based on the value of their purchases. For example, users could earn 1 YAWAY Token for every dollar spent in addition to the tokens they used for the purchase.

   - Token Wallet Integration: Integrate a YAWAY Token wallet system where users can easily view their earned tokens for acts of kindness and purchased tokens for product transactions. This provides a transparent overview of their token holdings.

   - Promotional Campaigns: Run promotional campaigns within the community to highlight the benefits of using YAWAY Tokens for purchases. Emphasize the positive impact on both the community and the individual making the purchase.

By combining acts of kindness recognition with the use of YAWAY Tokens for purchases in the Optimystic Market, you create a holistic approach that not only rewards positive behavior but also enhances the overall community experience and engagement. This dual-purpose system aligns with the values of Yahweh and contributes to the vision of creating a supportive and uplifting community within Wandering Footprint.

winged heart steam punk flower of life (1).jpg

Timeline 2023-2024

2024 - 2025

Finalization of the tokenomics of the $YAWAY

January 2023

June 2023

July 7, 2023

February 2024

March 2024

March 28, 2024

March 28, 2024

Idea of a token inspired by Yahweh considered

Through the birth of one of our founders sons the name was finalized as YAWAY

Creation of 777,777,777,777 $YAWAY on stellar 

Design of token image created through the inspiration of a winged heart necklace given to Amanda by one of her friends on tik tok. 

Merch created for the Optimystic Market with a few of the potential images for the token

First attempt for image created for the $YAWAY token

NFT created for the Blue Umbrella collection on

Images to inspire

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