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1st Wandering Footprint farm + RV park

Current Fantasy Farm Real Estate Listing

Listed Price

Current Fantasy RV park listing

Listed Price:

$775,000        ($150,000 down payment needed)


Just like Optimystic Prime and Metatron Bus were named before they became a reality, we believe in the power of envisioning a fantasy future in order to work towards a specific goal and have the universe conspire in our favor to bring the dream from ether into matter - from thought to reality. Here we will lay out the vision. We hope to be the first of many of these farms that provide sanctuary for Wandering Footprint members around the world. 

Our hope is to become a blueprint, inspiring others to copy, modify and improve the original vision. 

We hope to help all those members that become part of our initial community the opportunity to purchase and start their own version of the Wandering Footprint farm in the light of themselves, supported through the financial and physical help of ARCHER ESTATES and the Wandering Footprint community. 


The farm currently being looked at is the perfect space to launch this dream. 

Amenities currently on property:

Future Projects/amenities

RV park

  • Large Communal House with adequate housing for the Archers and guests 

  • Multiple Kitchens for communal meal use, canning and Commercial Food Production

  • Horse facilities

  • Cattle Facilities

  • Fields for Food and seed production

  • Lake front for water sports and skating in the winter

  • 100 acres hay production

  • Hot tub

  • Carpentry shop

  • 179 acres total land area - no building permits needed

  • saw mill

  • Parking Lot for overnight parking suitable for Transport Trucks (offering alternative rest stop to truckers)

  • Compost Toilet and waste processing facilities 

  • Algae production to facilitate bio-fuel production 

  • Root Beer/pop/cider production

  • Seed bank Greenhouses

  • Food production Greenhouses

  • Hemp production

  • Sheep / wool production

  • Sweat Lodge/spiritual space

  • Swimming Pool

  • Archery Range /Horse back Archery Range

  • Metal shop

  • 3D printer shop

  • Pottery studio/art studio

  • Dance / Martial Arts / Yoga studio

  • High Ropes / Low Ropes

  • Trampoline

  • Skate park

  • Playground (pirate ship)

  • Ninja Warrior course

  • Hemp/wool processing facility - Fiber production

  • Farmers (Optimystic) Market 

  • Wool processing for insulationg for tiny hOMes

  • Wood Mill - boards for tiny hOMes 

  • hOMe schooling facility

  • 6 guest houses available for those looking to build out tiny hOMes needing housing in the process

  • Restaurant

  • Convenience store (will be creating consignment section for members to sell their creations

  • 30 RV parking spaces (for members and public)

  • Shop for build outs of buses, vans and tiny homes

  • Gas Station - above ground gas storing facilities - 

  • Sani dump

  • Showers

  • Laundry

  • Water access

  • Playground 


Wandering Footprint

DAY in the LIFE

7am  - meditation

8am - breakfast of granola or Oatmeal provided to meditation participants ($5 to others)

8:45 am Work Trade assignments given

9am - start work-trade

12:30 - lunch break (provided to work-trade members, $10 to others)

1pm - work trade

2:30pm end of work trade day

Monday nights - Community Forum to provide space for conflict resolution

Friday nights - Potluck Communal Dinner 

all facilities will be booked out on a first come - first served basis

and calendar will be provided to facilitate community involvement with activities

Leaders of farm will meet atleast once/week to plan the following week and discuss any issues that may arise

Wandering Footprint 

Northern Lights

As a Wandering Footprint farm we anticipate the RV park will house members for the first 3-6 months of their involvement with the farm. After 6 months they will be invited to move their tiny hOMe to the farm and help create community.


Open spaces will be available for the public to rent, should they want to receive discounts and access to extra amenities and the farm they must purchase a membership. 


Bikes will be provided to members to get to the farm with ease. 

Please see the Wandering Footprint Farm page to find out more about the envisioned structure for work-trade and parking fees by members.  

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