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exp March 20 


This is the vision and may be modified at any time

  • Membership will be in the form of an NFT purchase (released  date to be determined)

    • we are trying to figure out how to create offline alternatives to membership - join our crew to help us paint the picture!)​

  • Loyalty will be rewarded and members who hold the 2022 NFT will be given significant discounts for future membership 

              (in order to compensate for inflation and OM token value fluctuation, membership price will be voted on                       by 2022 members)

  • Membership counts as 1 vote inside the Wandering Footprint democracy

  • Membership will give 1st night free parking at all participating Wandering Footprint farms

                  tiny hOMes will require only 1 membership to park no matter how many family members

  • Membership will provide access to Wandering Footprint forum for farms and members

  • Membership gives priority release on all Wandering Footprint projects, gives opportunity for OM token drops etc.

  • Membership gives discounts on future Wandering Footprint initiatives

  • Purchasing membership directly supports the building of the ThrivEvolution blockchain and ecosystem, the purchase of the 1st Wandering Footprint tiny hOMe farm - ARCHER ESTATES and the build out of Wandering Footprint's mascot METATRON BUS and the purchase of the placer claim network.

  • NFT will be connected to a membership, we hope to provide a window sticker and a membership card providing physical verification (long term vision is this will also be our in-house debit card attached to the OM coin and your OM token wallet)

  • Yearly Membership release will be Solstice of the previous year, Expiration will be the following year's spring equinox. (ie. 2023 membership release will be December 20, 2022, expiration of 2022 Membership will be Monday, March 20, 2023)

  • Holding Previous year NFTs will lock in loyalty discounts

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Wandering Footprint farms

We hope to purchase the 1st Wandering Footprint farm with the profits from the sale of the 2022 membership NFT

click here to find out more about the ARCHER ESTATE vision 

Visionary Structure 

all visionary structure may be modified , specifically to compensate for inflation and the tumultuous economic environment we are currently in


 - 1st night free -

member must communicate with land owner or their representative by 11am the first morning to discuss worktrade/payment expectations


Week 1 - $40/night

Month 1 - $35/night

Month 2 & 3 - $30/night

Month 4, 5 & 6 - $25/night

Month 7-12 - $20/night

Year 2 to infinity- $15/night

Our aim here is to reward loyalty and effort, made to improve and build farms into their visionary structure, a participating Wandering Footprint farm may charge less than these fees, but not more. This structure will continue to be updated and voted on by Ranking Members. (click here to find out more about our current ranking system)

Work Trade vs Payment 

Work Trade for:

5 days - 2 days off - no fees required

4 days - 1 day off - Pay fee for 2 nights

3 days - 1 day off - Pay fee for 3 nights

2 days - pay for 5 days

1 day - pay for 6 days

Available Resources (we are hopeful to provide the following amenities)

Communal Kitchen stocked with dry goods for member use (may be paid)

Compost Toilet drop / black water drop

Access to showers (may be paid)

Access to laundry (may be paid)

water fill up

Battery Charging station

Ability to stay longer and integrate into the community

WF farms
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