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Optimystic Market

Taxes included until July 4, 2024


Your 2024 membership includes the following


  • 25 min personal tutoring on XRP ledger and Stellar ledger wallets
  • Funding to open digital wallets on both XRP and stellar ledgers
  • Funding to create trustlines with all our tokens and those of projects we support
  • A 2024 nOMad token on stellar blockchain - future NFT
  • OM tokens
  • Blue Umbrella Tokens
  • Blue Collar Dollars
  • Additional tokens from blockchain projects that we support and who support us
  • 10 business cards
  • 2 sets of stickers
  • Discount code for merch
  • Early access to tutorials and education initiatives within the Wandering Footprint
  • Early access to Wandering hOMe Directory 3.0
  • Discounts on NFT projects
  • Community of co-creators
  • Access to crew call recordings
  • Discount on future Wandering Footprint Memberships
  • And much much more!


This is an evolving vision - If you choose to purchase our 2024 nOMad membership you are agreeing to patience as we navigate and grow this digital infrastructure.


By purchasing this membership I hope you feel a sense of co-creation, we only rise together. 

I wish I could offer hOMesteads for you to stay at, but for now, know that your contribution to our project is hopefully leading to future memberships including 1 night stay at all participating Wandering Footprint farms - and through your continued support you will have a discounted membership fee, when that vision comes to fruition. 

Stay blessed. 

and from my deepest sense of gratitude, thanks for your contribution to building this dream. 


As my mom would say, Angels on your pillow

Optimystic Prime

2024 nOMad Membership

SKU: 2024nOMad
GST/HST Included
  • By purchasing nOMad 2024 membership you are agreeing to the terms and services included in your welcome package. 

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