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What's a Rank?

We wanted to be able to keep track of Cocreators, help inspire and celebrate contribution and wins. These are the people new crew members can contact and ask questions to, other than the captain. 

What qualifies you to rank up?

Here you will find the different ranks and how you get to rank up. 


Recruit - downloaded the app/created an account


Padawon - add yourself as a listing to the app - we can help with any issues that arise and create new categories if you can't find one appropriate for you.


Ensign - paid membership fee. You see the vision and want to invest in its future. You have paid the $111.11 membership fee 


Knight- Moderators -  You are participating in Video conferencing calls and we have built a relationship with you that has created trust. We have asked if you want to be an admin on our telegram page and on our tiktok lives. Knight's are our moral foundation.


Specialist - Co-creators - you are engaged in helping new members, and are focused on one aspect of Wandering Footprint vision - You are a self motivator and don't need much hand holding any more. 

Generalist - you understand various facets of the app and can answer questions on various topics. You are who the specialists come to for information and to ask questions. You are the leader of the specialists

Commander - Commanders can answer just about any question. They have experience in all aspects of the app and are independent leaders, they have the capacity to take over any leadership role. They are running their own vision supported through the multiple facets of the Wandering Footprint organization.


Captain - The visionary. - the captain is steering the ship, all final choices must be verified through the Captain. The Captain understands all the inner workings of the app and has vision for the trajectory of the vision.


Guardians - there are 4 levels of Guardians. The definitions of these will organically grow. In order to be promoted to Guardian, the captain must be nominated by 1 Commander and sponsored by 1 more commander. All Commanders discuss with anyone in the entire crew who wants to participate. The commanders promote the captain to guardian - the guardian promotes the commanders to Captains.



⭐ (star outline) RISING STAR

8 listings - you have added 8 other listings to the app (businesses, services, owners, resources, affiliate links etc.) 

🌟 (1 star) ACE - 100 listings

🌟🌟(2 stars) OM- 222 listings

🌟🌟🌟(3 stars) DIVINE - 369 listings

🌟🌟🌟🌟(4 stars) Legendary - 444 listings

You may acquire these stars at any point in your journey with Wandering Footprint after you have paid the membership fees.

This is an organic document and can be modified at any point with the agreement of the captain and 5 OM Command crew.

In order to participate please add yourself to the Padawon section. Once you have added yourself your listing will be verified and feedback given.

Please let someone in the OM Command know when you qualify for your up rank - your listings will be assessed, any issues brought to your attention and once promoted your profile will be moved to the next ranks directory. 

In the Wandering hOMe Directory 2.0 these ranks will be ranked automatically.


*affiliates* - As you will see through the app many of the links in especially the vendor sections will say 'name affiliate link'.

We imagine us rising together through community and as such it is free to add affiliate links for products and services that align with our core values. 

If you participate in adding affiliate links you must abide by the following rules. If you choose not to follow the rules or be unresponsive to feedback and requests made by Amanda N. C. JONES-- Archer or any of the Wandering Footprint core creator team, all your affiliates will be removed. 

1. Finders Keepers - when adding companies please make sure they are not already listed. If there is a duplicate made the first one posted will be the one that remains. 

2. 3.69% donation. It is free to list your affiliates, however we request that you donate 3.69% of your profits to Wandering Footprint. This is not obligatory, we trust you. If you can't afford to give us that 3.69% because it's the last 30 you have and you need it... We understand. We want to help, and we are simply making a donation request to help us expand our vision.

This can be paid to 

Please make sure to put a note of who you are.

3. 'name affiliate link' - it is unlawful to not disclose an affiliate link. Please make sure that you put your name and that it's an affiliate link in the link title.

4. 44 listings. You may add 44 listings for free. After that we expect you to be getting involved with other areas of community building and as such you are required to pay the membership fee before adding any more listings. 

Should you continue to add more than 44 listings without paying your membership fees, they will be removed. 

We believe this will expand quickly and thus it has to be allowed to grow organically while also ensuring its survival. This is organic growth. If you would like to have input on these documents, on the vision, on our version 2.0, on Wandering Footprint farms and communities please join our telegram channel 

We believe we are entering an age of collaboration and trust and believe we must be the change. Fingers crossed. 

Wandering Footprint holds all rights to remove any member under the discretion of Amanda N. C. Jones-Archer. 

Black Sky


Navigating in to the Mystic Since 2018

Captain of Optimystic Prime

Navigating with the Archers since 2018

Supporting others on a similar journey through the 

Wandering hOME Directory

Black Sky
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