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OM Token

Launching July 4, 2022

We are recreating the Optimystic (OM) token on the ETH blockchain. 

Presale for OM token can be pre-purchased with bonus offerings,

join our mailing list to be the first to know pre-sale launch and details. 

Membership NFTs will be purchased using OM tokens

OM tokens currently have no sale value, it is not currently possible to sell them, and if you purchase OM tokens,  Wandering Footprint offers no guarantees that you will be able to sell your tokens in the future.

By purchasing OM tokens you are providing the necessary funds needed to expand the vision of the Wandering Footprint organization. 

Our goal is to have the token be able to be used in the 2.0 (blockchain) version of the tiny hOMe app - directory.

 OM tokens are given at rank promotions and as bonuses when you volunteer your time to helping us build the Wandering Footprint tiny hOMe app - directory.

Our vision is that the OM token will eventually be able to be traded among  members, pay for stays and work trade over time, be used for content as an alternative to pop up advertisements for members, and eventually be able to provide us all with a savings that will provide financial support for buying land to start Wandering Footprint tiny hOMe communities and maybe even our own insurance company.

This is an exercise in what it means to RISE TOGETHER and we are thrilled for you to be part of this adventure in to the opti-MYSTIC. 

Find out more about our Ranking system
OM coin

How to purchase OM coins

how to purchase

Purchasing XLM using the LOBSTR app

Purchasing XLM on the LOBSTR platform uses Moon pay. 

Minimum purchase using Moon pay is $30USD

There is am incremental service fee using this service

(currently approx $5 for the $30 purchase)


After your first purchase of XLM on LOBSTR

Click Menu

Click Settings

Redeem Code



Purchasing XLM

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