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Green checkmark on XRPL Token. Earning Trust. KYC on Xaman

This started off being called 'How to link an image toa token on XRPL' But the first step in that process is the KYC on Xaman so this will be a post on the KYC and I will add a new post with the next steps that I learn.

Ok, so this has been my goal since the start. On Stellar it ended up being a little more complicated than I had hoped and here is the same thing... makes me wonder if I figure this out I could literally offer hosting on Optimystic.Exchange and list community tokens. For now I will simply share what, where and how and when I run into issues I will share them here.

So first thing.

So I clicked Yes I am the token issuer

So of course I have an aversion to the TOML file because I had a huge problem with the OM coin TOML file and actually ended up getting someone I had connected through Quantum Brownie to help me out. I actually never learned how to actually post the TOML file to Optimystic.Exchange using Digital Ocean.

So I guess we are at the point where I have to learn about that for this too.

But first the KYC on Xaman of which I knew was a step so did it last week.

I'll be honest it was super intimidating. I, like many others fear my name and all my info in the public sphere and yet its all there already. Everything I am and everything I do is online. I have already made peace with this is My Way, the way YHWH shows me and I have to believe the greatest power and source of all energy is protecting me... whatever the correct name for that source is... all I know is I feel it and most people know its name as God or Jesus.

I digress.

KYC is terrifying, not only am I sharing my face and info connected to my wallet as well as my issuer and distributor wallet for the $BUT but I am also putting myself directly in the trajectory of being responsible for how ever this goes. Thank God its a meme token and it doesnt matter where it goes technically... but then it does scream 'hey look at me I'm a truther and I won't follow your rules'... but I suppose thats the point that in the highest timeline of this project the truthers that are on XRP will start purchasing them and identifying themselves to our community thus expanding the vision I have.


There is currently only 1 level of trust on 2 and 3 coming soon.

I have already done Xaman XYC and Global ID scares the shit out of me... but alas I am talking myself into it. Here is my current train of thought.

  1. I have nothing to hide

  2. They already track me, know everything about me and can apparently freeze my accounts when they don't like what I am doing

  3. If I were living in the world of my choosing I wouldn't be afraid because transparency will also lead tojustice being brought against those that ARE laundering money and cheating the people and so I shouldn't be afraid of being transparent

  4. Maybe this is the ruse, get us to sign up and then be trapped, just like they had wanted except I am doing it of my own volition (sort like what has happened with a certain poke and Maid system that are currently being 'chosen;)

  5. Ok but no chip. Thats my line. No chip.

  6. If that means I have to abandon everything I am doing right now so be it... but I am hoping there is this small window of time where I can in and get out and if I am capable of manifesting my highest timeline this process of being IN action towards the highest good will actually end up in the people escaping their plan through the same technology they would use to enslave us.

  7. Just do it.

  8. What about post master?

  9. I am currently in the process of getting my post master, owning my name and putting my name into trust. I worry about how much I am messing with this process and am causing myself countless headaches in the future of this project by not conducting this growth from the Post Master name and yet.. here we are. I am working inside the framework presented to me and am taking the easiest path.. and so if I have to change things around in the future.. well then you too will know what to do through the sharing of this experience.

So now you know. I am terrified.. and yet apparently its written more than anything else in the Bible 'have no fear'... so here I am attempting that practice despite my fear of the WEF and the UN and all the organizations and banking cartels partnered with Ripple and Stellar that would use the technology to enslave us.

So Xaman KYC.

at the bottom of the screen you will find the menu button and you are looking for the xApps icon

From there you want to click PRO BETA

So here's my story about that.

I went to do this and couldn't find pro beta. If you like me find yourself in this situtation you can go to and click get pro beta

It should automatically link to your Xaman wallet on your phone or if you are on your computer a QR code will pop up that you can scan with your phone by clicking the Xcheck button and clicking scan QR code

It cost $60USD which I think came to 95XRP, this gave me access but the subscription wont start until Pro is officially launched and will last a year and a half.

Then I realized that the distributor wallet and my original wallet wasn't on the phone I purchased the Pro on and so went to my other phone. Turns out I already had Beta Pro, and have no recollection of paying for it, so I am not sure if I got it before they started charging or I paid for it and don't remember. I could go back on my wallet and see of which I may do when I have a little more time.

Anyways, to access you click the xApps image and then Beta Pro should now be in your list

So I proceeded on that wallet here are the entries you need to have prepared for KYC on Xaman

Name - what is on your official documentation

Photo - picture of your face, ended up being very picky I'll share about that later in this blog

Bio - of who you are

Pay String - what the Xaman address people can send tokens to?

Primary Account - what account are you KYC-ing

Profile visibility - yes or no


Name : This has to be what is on official documentation - you are basically creating a bank and creating the reasons why you are trustworthy. You and only you own this wallet and the projects you create using this wallet and as such this cant be an anonoymous or your social media name

Picture : Seems like the system is very finicky. For this tutorial I added a picture from yesterday but originally I tried 10 different pictures all of which were denied. In the end the picture that worked was on a white background. I could smile but it had to be directly forward and shoulders and face. Here is the photo that ended up working.

Bio : What do you want the world to know about you? This is a great opportunity to cross polinate as some people will eventually find you through this link so where do you want to send them? How will you create trust?

Pay String : This is what address you are giving yourself. Each wallet has the capability of having its own Pay string. For fun I decided to see if Jones was taken yet because Phoenix had acquired his own last name Smith and I thought it would be ironic if this really was Keeping up with the Jones' and I was the first one to proceed on this system... and I was!!!!!!

So I chose Jones for my main account and $BUT issuer and $BUT distributor for the accounts associated with the $BUT token. I chose to not include the Wandering Footprint page and the XOM issuer until I go through the process of listing those. You can see my public profile at

So now the $BUT has a green checkmark next to it demonstrating that I am a real person and I have KYCd.

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