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Do you own a






and want to share your expertise?

Are you on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands?
Have you ever wanted an excuse to visit?
We are looking for our tribe.
Whatever got you out on your adventure we want to see it and show everyone how easy it is to get back out exploring in nature.
60 sites available
49 with hookups

We are looking to expand people's ideas of comfort when exploring their wild. 

We are hoping to get a variety of builds to showcase the inexpensive, as well as the expensive builds.

We really want to show that anything is possible and how fun it is to have this wandering adventure be also an exercise of individual creative expression.



$40/night (with electricity)  (49 available)

$25/night (without electricity)  (10 available)


Your deposit has you profiled on our website, Instagram and Facebook accounts, with links to your respective web platforms and social media outlets. From the point of payment on, you will be included in advertising in the community, across Vancouver Island and South mainland BC and Washington State. 

You are my co-creators.

I have grand visions for this event, where we, the rainbow sheep of our respective families,

share our personal gifts, whatever that may be.


Doesn't this life call you to more?


Even if, like me, you dream of one day having a house with a farm... don't you think this life has taught you so many lessons that you couldn't have learned any other way?

When you travel you unlearn so many beliefs and learn so much about being human and surviving.


Being thankful.


Everyone needs to get back to their own humanity, our unity, our individual creative strength...if we are ever going to find peace on this planet. 

I want to bring my tribe together and organically grow into a festival that people from all over the world want to attend. 

This year I am starting small. With the rental of the RCMP barn. It holds 60 vendors.

As an owner, you agree to have your skoolie/van conversion/tiny house/RV available to be viewed Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm.

If you would like to be part of the gathering but do not want to show your home, please consider volunteering as we have a few spots set aside for Rvs for volunteers, please include this in your application and we will do our best to accommodate your inclusion! 


 We understand that coming from anywhere takes time, money and planning; all of which sometimes are in short supply. In a perfect scenario we will fill enough  donor support to cover the cost of parking for all owners at the event. Heck, if I had that much money I'd pay for it myself, just to spend 2 nights, here, in my dream place, with you. 


 As of right now I am asking you to cover the cost of what the fair grounds asks for each site. 

If we are able to acquire enough financial resources, you will be reimbursed what you have paid. 

If you would like to also have a vendor booth   please fill out a vendor application and include that you are an owner.

You may sell things from your home on wheels. 

We want to bring as many of you together as possible.


We are looking for our tribe.


If the cost of camping is a significant factor in you joining us, please reach out. 

If you are interested in joining us please fill out the form below. You will be emailed with further information.


Thanks so much for your interest! You will be emailed shortly with logistics.

Thanks for submitting!

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