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Ok so this was yesterdays step. It was March 17th and I wanted the image to be minted on that day. Not only is St Patricks day incredibly important in my own life, it was the day the Decentralized Distribution initiative ended.

I went into it thinking I could mint 888 of the image of the token and I could give everyone that had participated 1, list the rest for 88XRP and then accept 44XRP from those that had $BUT and 22 XRP from those that had $BUT and also filled out our survey.

Without any explanation SURVERY HEART removed our questionnaire 2 days after its creation. Not only did we lose all the inputs already done but we lost all the questions I had changed from the original OM coin rising pheonix querstionnaire. This expereince totally threw me off and so now I want to find another not-woke platform where I own my form and they can't remove it without reason... but havent gotten around to creating a new one.

As a result I changed the platform asking for participants to send an email with their wallet address, name and a way to contact them other than email (because I have found emails get lost or ignored)

So back to the actual creation of the NFT.

The end result was 1 NFT under the category 'Blue Umbrella' called 'The New Tin Foil Hat '.

Created on March 17, 2024 at 7:11pm PST it will be used as the main image for the $BUT token.

I have since watched a few videos on XRP.CAFE and opened a ticket on their DISCORD. I now know that if I dont want to make 1 image at a time I actually have to work 1 on 1 with them and sign up for their launch pad... I am considering this for the future... but for now a new idea has popped up.

I originally wanted ti gift one image of the token NFT to each of the contributors, I thought it cost 100XRP (like a token) and the more you divided that cost up the more you make... but seeing as through this experience I found out that it doesn't actually cost anything to make an NFT I could possibly create a different NFT for each contributor with an image of their choosing on the shirt. In fact I was thinking this would be an amazing cross polination technique and each NFT could have a description to the creators pages. I was thinking of maybe making them 2 one to keep, one to sell and then if they wanted to create a side series with their image on the shirt, maybe the colour of the shirt could change, and maybe the trench coat? I decided to set royalties at 8.88% and from the inception of the Wandering Footprint I have said 3.69% to the affiliate and so 3.69% would go to the contributor. The bigger the contributor the more NFTs would be sold and therefore the larger the NFT collection... I have planted the seed in a few of the contributors minds and am going to talk to Pheonix tonight about starting with him and experimenting and the Prep.

Prep has been amazing, not only was he one of the first to contribute he has shared almost every post I have made on X and is super encouraging of the project. He has his own project too so he might get on board.

Its a strange thing this experience. I struggle with self promotion. Weird shit from my child hood and my 20s comes up where I think that people that support me dont want other people to know they support me so I get apprehensive like I am a burden... so any encouragement is incredibly helpful and I am hoping they will be as inspired as I am right now.

Anyways I will come back here and finish this blog soon regarding the actual process of creating an NFT. Some things I will cover

  • Creating a collection

  • What happens when you go back to change the info and lose the next step of creating and NFT

  • Creating and Minting the NFT

  • Listing it 1(of which I have yet to do)

But for now I am off to try and get today's project done which is starting the Blog about linking the image to the token. I will be back.

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