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Listing $BUT on DEX in Xaman

Well its March 21st, 2024

Yesterday I completed the full decentralized Distribution of the $BUT. I started at 8:06pm PST by sending the first lot to Beccie in Australia because I wanted it to arrive on the 20th for her and 8:06 was the equinox. I was so inspired I kept going until I by accident sent the wrong amount to one of our contributors and realized I am so tired and should stop. If there is one bain of all this process its the air drops and the fact that there is no easy way to just put in a list of addresses, put in how much each of them get, put in memo and click send to all of them at the same time... although I guess that also has potentials to really mess with everything this putting in my password every time I send, along with all the other factors is wearing when you have a lot to do. Same as stellar and the airdops for OM.

Anyways, I digress. Thankfully the person I sent the wrong $BUT to is a friend and they totally understood the mistake and sent the difference back to me. In the end we had a little over 8,888,800 $BUT left in the distributor account and we will determine in the future what we would like to do with them, whether its airdrops for incentives or posting them for sale or creating an AMM (which comes out tomorrow on XRPL) with them.

Thank you to the 17 people other than me that participated in this initial launch and thank you to all those that will come along and support the original creators that are now in possession of the $BUT and it's future.

So on to what this blog is about.

Listing your $BUT on the DEX or purchasing $BUT from the DEX.

So on Xaman wallet we are all familiar with the menu at the bottom of the screen by now

whether its dark or light its the same set up and you are looking for the xAPPS tab.

Then you are looking for the DEX button

You can choose from here if you want to 'BUY XRP' using $BUT or 'SELL BUT' using XRP.

As you can see in this video if you can see you have a variety of choices. All these choices are up to you. In order to sell them to someone else you need someone to choose to buy it at the price you list it at.

If you are someone wanting to purchase $BUT you just go to the DEX look up $BUT and buy it for XRP. At this point you can place a listing too if you want to buy it for less than its listed and wait for one of our members to agree to sell it at the price you want.

If you have any questions please visit our telegram channel for real time help.

I will be posting atleast 1 new NFT to our new collection called the Blue Umbrella on XRP.CAFE. Our NFTs will be listed at 88 XRP, If you own $BUT I will accept 44 on offer and if you are one of the 17 original contributors I will accept $22XRP on offer. I will do another blog about that. I still have to do the steps to get the image attached to the token and will update as that goes.

Thanks for listening.

Amanda aka Optimystic Prime

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